Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SMS (short code) to 57333 for GoAir flight information

With the onset of the fog season, GoAir for the benefit of their passengers has implemented the following : 1) Call 022-67281313 which is a 24/7 dedicated Fog helpline 2) Visit www.GoAir.in and click on “Flight Status” (below “Book a flight” section) 3) Short code SMS service offered where you can retrieve information regarding any GoAir flights by sending an SMS to 57333 in any one of the below formats : • G8 In response to it we will send the // • G8 or In response to it we send the next 3 hrs record for all the Arrivals/Departures from that city in format / for arrivals and / for departures For example: • Customer sends SMS as G8 101 in response will receive SMS as o G8-101 1. Amdbd-Bnglr Dlyd Dep:9:25 Arr:12:36 Deptd:10:41Arvd:12:30 2. Bnglr-Cochin Dlyd Dep:11:55 Arr:14:05 Deptd:13:16Arvd:14:00 • Customer sends SMS as G8 BOM or G8 Mumbai in response will receive SMS as o Nxt 3hr Info: ARRs:G8-104Amdbd19:15, G8-112Jaipr18:35, G8-452Cok21:10, G8-457Delhi19:25 DEPs:G8-302Nagpr19:35, G8-193Bnglr19:50, G8-375Delhi20:00