Friday, May 28, 2010

Introducing Bengaluru
Step into one of India's most progressive cities - just be sure to look both ways.

Bustling Bangalore (official name: Bengaluru) is where to get your kicks in Southern Karnataka. Elegant lounges, upmarket bars and fast food will lure you to the Mahatma Gandhi Rd area where you can refuel no matter what your budget. Good transport connections, pleasant parks and grand temples make the city an ideal pit stop.

Today's Bangalore is a traffic-locked, vibrant city with many good restaurants, lounges and shops. Despite its shiny veneer of affluence, the city is no stranger to poverty. Slums are tucked away even within well-off neighbourhoods, and there's a dire need to improve the city's infrastructure for all facets of society. Many in the city - and the rest of the state - wonder if the IT windfall will ever trickle down.

Bangalore's economic vitality picked up in the 1960s when the government located key defence and telecommunications establishments here. It became the science and technology centre of India, and home to many multinational companies. Known as India's Silicon Valley, it's been a software centre for decades. Over half of India's software exports come from Bangalore, and technology parks are spread around the city.

Fast Facts
Latitude :12.966667
Longitude :77.583333
Population :5700000

Bengaluru weather
Generally speaking, India has a three-season year - the hot, the wet and the cool. October to February are the cooler months in Karnataka - a pleasant average of 23°C (73.4°F). You'll need wet weather gear from July through to early September, while the mercury regularly exceeds 30°C (80°F) in March, April and May.

When to go
The best time for touring is October to March, when baking temperatures ease and monsoon season has passed.

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