Friday, November 19, 2010

biggest boss

ashmit patel and veena malik are all natak.
ashmit patel and sara khan are cool friends.
hrishant goswami big boss has done well so far in the show.
shweta tiwari big boss may win big boss season 4.
shweta tiwari in big boss has been idol for so many womens in india.
dolly bindra raja chaudhary had a big fight in a party.
ali merchant in big boss was no man show.
khali big boss is huge in terms of body but no dum as all.
sara khan bigg boss is titly udi.
sameer soni big boss can never become captain of the house.
bigg boss salman khan is the real bigg boss.
manoj tiwari bhojpuri is a superstar in bhopal.

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