Thursday, November 4, 2010

Offer for ICICI Bank Credit and Debit Card Cardholders presents a special offer for ICICI Bank Credit and Debit Cardholders. Book your travel online at and you can get up to 20% off on your travel bookings.
How to avail these discounts:
1.  Search for a flight (domestic or international) or a hotel within India at
2.  Select your preferred flight or hotel and continue with the booking process.
3.  On the Payment Details, enter the promotion code, that is the letters "ICICI"  followed by the first 6 digits of your ICICI Bank Credit or Debit Card Number
    for example, if your card number is 5239 5134 5678 9012, the promotion code will be "ICICI523951".

Book online using your ICICI Bank Credit or Debit card and get following benefits:
1. 20% Discount on Hotel and Holiday booking subject to maximum discount of Rs 1,000.
2. 10% Discount on Domestic Flights subject to maximum of Rs 250.
3. 10% Discount on International Flights subject to maximum of Rs 750.
4. 5% Discount on Rail Tour Packages subject to maximum of Rs 1,000.
Also: Book a train ticket on using your ICICI Bank Credit or Debit card and get Rs 250 off on your next hotel or holidays bookings.
Just make a successful Train booking and we will SMS the discount code to you on the Cell no. provided to us during your booking.
Hurry! This offer is valid till December 31, 2010.
Terms and Conditions
1.This Offer is made solely and entirely by Yatra Online (P) Ltd (“”) and is available and open to all residents of India holding a valid Credit & Debit card of ICICI Bank Limited.
2.The Promotion is valid on online flight (domestic & international), train (domestic), hotel & holiday (domestic) bookings, only.
3.The offer is valid on the bookings from 1st May 2010 to 31st December 2010.
4.Cardholder is required to make the full payment using his/her ICICI Bank Credit Card or Debit card & enter the discount code “ICICI followed by first six digit of his/her credit card number” while booking any flight, train, hotel & holiday on, to be eligible for the offer. For e.g. your ICICI Bank Credit Card number is 4629880123456789, and then your discount code shall be ICICI462988.
5.For online flight (domestic & international) and hotel & holiday (domestic) bookings, the Cardholder shall receive the benefit of the discount at the time of completing the transaction itself (that is, the price payable shall be less the amount of discount).
6.For train bookings the benefit shall be in the form of hotel/holiday e-voucher and/or m-voucher that may be used by the customer for his next transaction on for booking a hotel or holiday.
7.The hotel/holiday e-voucher and/or m-voucher of Rs.250/- in the event of rail ticket booking to ICICI Bank cardholders shall be sent to the Cardholder by Yatra Online (P) Ltd. within 2 working days of booking and shall be valid for 90 days.
8.In case, the Cardholder fails to make full payment through his/her ICICI Bank Credit Card and/or fails to enter the discount code, he/she will not be eligible for the offer.
9.The discount will be applicable on the base fare / base tariff (excluding taxes) as the case may be & on per booking basis. All taxes, government levies, charges are payable by customer and are not part of the discount offer.
10If the Cardholder cancels the travel booking after the discount amount is credited, Yatra Online Pvt Ltd will refund the purchase price after deducting the discount amount and any other applicable cancellation charges / penalty. E.g. If a Cardholder has paid Rs.5000 (price quoted) for a travel service on and a discount of Rs.250 has been credited to the Cardholders account, the net amount paid by the Cardholder is Rs.4750. Thus, if the Cardholder cancels the booking, Yatra will deduct the cancellation charge from Rs.4750 and the balance amount will be credited to the cardholder's account.
11The flight tickets, train tickets, hotels are subject to the availability and will be governed by the Standard Terms & Conditions of the airlines, railways & hotels.
12All transactions made under this Promotion are shall be subject to applicable cancellation/date change rules.
13Customer cannot club two Promotions during the same transaction. The discount benefit cannot be combined with any other promotional benefit offered for bookings on
14Date change, name changes are allowed, subject to the Airline & Hotels rules as modified from time to time. However the Cardholder has to bear the additional charges as required.
15The Cardholders are not bound in any way to participate in this Promotion. Any such participation is voluntary and the Promotion is being made purely on a ‘best effort basis’.
16ICICI Bank Cardholders, who are Travel Agents by occupation, are barred from buying tickets for their customers using their own ICICI Bank cards. Yatra online pvt ltd reserves the right to cancel such tickets and/or recover the discounted amount if such a case comes to the notice of Yatra online pvt ltd. & ICICI Bank are neither responsible for, nor guarantee, the quality or delivery of the airlines, railways, hotels or any other service provider and shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss/ damage/ claim that may arise out of use or otherwise of any goods/ services availed of by the Cardholder under the Promotion.
18ICICI Bank reserves the right to disqualify the Card Holder/s from the benefits of the Program if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Program or otherwise by use of the Card.
19The offer is sponsored by yatra online pvt ltd and the Card Holder/s shall be bound by the terms and conditions stipulated by the yatra online pvt ltd in this regard.
20The promotion is not available wherever prohibited and / or on products / services for which such promotion cannot be offered for any reason whatsoever.
 21 The offer is only applicable on the domestic flights (except Jetlite and Jetairways)

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