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Caratlane Trading Pvt Ltd Caratlane- Jewellery travel needs end here

CaratLane is the realization of a dream to change the way diamonds are bought and sold in India. It was set-up by Mr. Srinivasa Gopalan, a season entrepreneur in information technology and founder CEO of Lister Technologies and Mr. Mithun Sacheti, the scion of Jaipur Gems a trusted jewellery store with stores in Mumbai, Chennai & Coimbatore.
Why Buy on CaratLane?

With higher disposable incomes and aspirational lifestyles, there’s more reason today to buy diamonds and a lot more diamond stores to choose from. But where do you go when you have so many options to choose from?

•Price and Budget
•Largest Range
•Shopping Convenience
•Informed Shopping
•Delivery and Logistics
•Return and Exchange policy
•Quality and Workmanship
•Styling and Design
CaratLane is fully qualified to be your destination of choice for diamonds and diamond jewellery.

CaratLane Factors That Make For A Winning Choice

•Price and Budget

CaratLane has an online store front and does not have to spend on setting up swanky retail stores. We thus save on the various overheads that go into setting up a showroom. We can afford to pass on this advantage to our customers in terms of better pricing.

The online model also allows us to work with minimum inventory and provides further savings on inventory carrying costs. Therefore our business model allows us to save costs in multiple ways and we are able to offer you the best prices without compromising on product quality. This makes our diamonds and jewellery valuable investments, and brings them within the reach of many budgets. CaratLane’s pricing makes diamonds more affordable for everyone. Back to top
•Largest Range

CaratLane has tied up with most of the reputed diamond suppliers in India and abroad. This enables us to give you the choice of selecting from over 25000 diamonds, and over 200 jewellery and mount designs. In real terms, you would have to cover hundreds of miles and visit dozens and dozens of stores in order to have a comparable choice. CaratLane is thus bringing the entire marketplace to you at the click of a mouse. Back to top
•Shopping Convenience

CaratLane gives you the choice of shopping online without stepping out of your home. The CaratLane store never shuts down and is open to customers 24X7. Imagine visiting a thousand stores at any time of the day as per your convenience – impossible in real terms! Moreover, buying online saves you the trouble of dressing up to go jewellery shopping. With CaratLane the store comes home and you can shop as per your convenience without any makeover.Back to top
•Informed Shopping

CaratLane is committed to helping you find the best product for the price you pay, and be completely satisfied with your purchase. We want to de-mystify the complicated world of diamonds and diamond jewellery. We try to make you the expert through our resources and guides. We also help you find the best fit for taste and budget.

This makes us your accomplices in shopping, not sellers selling to you. Look at our comprehensive resources to help you make your decision. Ask our dedicated customer service team any further queries you have. Back to top
Buying from CaratLane: Some bonuses

•Delivery and Logistics

CaratLane has the logistics in place through tie-ups with reputed courier companies to help you achieve the fastest connection with the item you buy. Our business is driven by an understanding of the value of time in today’s world, not by a traditional mindset where a customer is dependent on the pace of a jeweler. Your purchase is delivered to you within 7 working days of placing the order – a timeline that any store will find tough to match. You get your product at home, and no longer need to make another trip to collect your jewelry. Back to top
•Return and Exchange policy

CaratLane offers you the flexibility to exchange your mount if you don’t like it ( within 15 working days of delivery). You can return readymade jewelry with no questions asked (if done within 7 working days). We offer these because we want to make sure the product really makes you happy, and we have an enduring relationship with you as our customer. However, such exchanges will be subject to certain terms and conditions. Back to top
•Quality and Workmanship

CaratLane has the manufacturing back up to give you quality products to your exact specifications. While we save on the costs of having a very large workforce with varying degrees of skill and specialization, we have our own manufacturing facility to maintain strict quality standards, and use scientific automated processes to deliver flawless jewelry of the highest quality, with no margin for human error. Our jewellery satisfies the most exacting international standards for design and quality. Back to top

When you buy from CaratLane, you are not being palmed off with a store certificate that is invalid elsewhere. You get diamonds certified by the best labs and hallmarked gold. Our diamonds have internationally recognized certifications by the best labs in the world – GIA,AGS and HRD. Our certificates have global acceptance and recognition. We only use the purest hallmarked gold and other metals. Back to top
•Styling and Design

CaratLane is well in tune with changing tastes and trends. We keep pace with the demand for diamonds to be worn on a variety of everyday and special occasions. This is one of the reasons why you have a wide choice of contemporary, classic and modern designs with our mounts and settings, including the latest international designs. You will never make a fashion faux pas with our products and designs. Back to top
Compare the CaratLane advantage with your other diamond buying options:

When you decide to buy a diamond, you could look at diamonds online.Most diamond sites serve as a catalogue or shop window for readymade items, not custom-made pieces. Such sites usually do not have any manufacturing back-up. Strong on contemporary design, such websites mainly cater to the demand for low-priced jewellery, not fine pieces.

The trust you have built up over the years may make you head to your local jeweler.Searching in earnest, you may find that most of the jewelry is too ornate for everyday wear. In addition, you are bound to notice the inevitable overheads that are adding to the price of your diamond - the high inventory, shop ambience and setting, advertising and management costs. With local jewelers, you have the advantage of being able to touch and feel the diamond you are buying, but this comes alongside the high margins you have to pay on the price.

Corporate jewelry chains, and contemporary jewelry sold at malls offer other options to buy gold and diamonds with contemporary styling. With these, you have the advantage of being able to touch and feel your purchase, but face the limitations of product design and high margins on overheads, often making the price higher than actual value.

Contemporary lifestyle stores selling perfumes, watches, cosmetics and jewelry also offer precious merchandise, but if your heart is set on the perfect diamond, you may feel as if your search is being limited by these venues.

Deciders: Why CaratLane customers remain loyal

We know you will seek out CaratLane time and again because:

• You can shop for a very wide range of products that include rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

• All our products are crafted only from the highest quality (best certification) of diamonds and gold, ensuring you receive the best value for your money.

• Our prices reflect only the true value of the diamond, or jewellery itself, without having the advertising and overheads that add to the price.

• Impulse buying and carefully planned purchases are both equally easy on our site with our prices ranging from Rs. 4 thousand to Rs. 2 lakhs and even higher.

• We offer a very large selection of diamonds, settings and readymade jewellery.

• Our products are made to order, and we don’t have any inventory. This not only adds to the uniqueness of the product you receive, it means you are not paying for us to maintain our extra stock.

• When you use our resources, you make an informed jewellery purchase with the relevant information you need to make a decision that stands the test of time.

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