Sunday, July 18, 2010

Priority Travel Group (Asia) Limited Airport lounge travel needs end here

Priority Pass provides airport VIP lounge access irrespective of who you are flying with, what class you are traveling in, or whether you belong to an airline lounge program. As a member you'll enjoy the following privileges at airport lounges around the world:
--> Access to over 600 airport VIP lounges - Lounge access is guaranteed regardless of the class of travel or airline you’re flying.
--> Peace and quiet - the chance to relax before your flight
--> Refreshments and snacks - no need to queue for expensive airport food
--> Full use of facilities - most lounges offer phones, fax machines, email, Internet access and even conference rooms.
Priority Pass is the easy, affordable way to escape the chaos of busy airport terminals, flight delays and cancellations and to enjoy the peace and privacy of a VIP lounge. Members joining via Shoogloo affiliate network will enjoy 10% off on all membership plans.

No stress. No panic. Just calm
There is no more stress-free way to travel than via a VIP lounge.

At last, you can escape the chaos of cancellations, flight delays and crowded departure halls.

And enjoy, instead, a quiet sanctuary where you’ll find everything you need – for business or for pleasure.

Space – your most precious commodity
Room to work and space to breathe can be hard to find in a busy schedule.

We realise this. That’s why a VIP lounge has everything you need to relax – even when you’re working.

You can catch up with calls. Rehearse your presentation. Or – go on – just sit back, put your feet up and read a favorite book.

Little pleasures, it’s true. But important ones, that you too could soon be enjoying.

enjoy access to over 600 VIP lounges in more than 100 countries and 300 cities worldwide
guaranteed use regardless of the class of travel or airline you’re flying
privileged access to over 70 US Airport VIP Lounges
relaxing ambience – for both you and your guests
complimentary refreshments and snacks
email, internet and conference space
excellent working and leisure facilities

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