Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Travel Seasons in India - Travel Tips to India Your travel needs end here

Travel Seasons in India - Travel Tips to India
There are three main seasons for travel - Peak, Off-Peak and Shoulder (in between). Within these seasons, fares vary and change with dates . If you're flexible about your travel dates, then there are definitely ways of getting the lowest deals. Do remember that while traveling during Peak season and long weekends, you should make reservations well in advance. Seat availability during those times is limited. Some airlines even have a Weekend Supplement i.e. flying on Friday, Saturday and Sunday carries a surcharge while traveling on Monday - Thursday does not.

If traveling to India, sale fares are generally offered between April 1 - May 30 and September 1 - October 31. Higher fares are offered between June 14 - July 14 and December 12 - 24.

Important Season Dates for Travelling to India
Off-Peak season Shoulder season Peak season
Jan 20 - May 15 August 1- 30 June 1 - July 30
Sep 1 - Oct 30 Nov 15 - Dec 10 Dec 10 - 24
Dec 26 - Jan 24

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