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Tiger airways

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The Tiger Airways Strategy
Tiger Airways establishes airlines in markets where we believe our low-fare, low-cost business model has exceptional potential for sustainable profitability.

Our aim is to create a portfolio of profitable routes throughout Asia and Australasia. We believe that our focus on providing customers with affordable air travel positions us well for growth as Asia and Australasia is the world's most populous region, with the fastest growing aviation market in the world, and the low-fare, low-cost model remains under-developed in the majority of countries in the region.

Our Business Model
Our business model is based on that of other successful low-cost airlines, such as Europe's Ryanair. Our model involves scrutinising every single aspect of the business to remove non-essential costs without compromising passenger safety, security or punctuality. Our business model is designed to maintain simplicity, and our disciplined approach to executing this model has given us the ability to achieve one of the lowest operating costs for any start-up airline. Our objective is to maximise profitability by developing a portfolio of routes with consistently high passenger load factors and carefully managing capacity. Our disciplined approach allows us to offer our passengers competitive low fares on a consistent and sustainable basis, while enabling us to maintain our low cost base, thus improving our profitability.

Ancillary Services and Revenue
We provide various ancillary services and generate additional revenue through the provision of additional products and services, connected with our core air passenger service. Our flight-related services include in-flight sale of beverages, food and merchandise. Through our website, we offer our passengers a range of "Tiger Add-On" products such as:

Luggage upsize: Charges are based on the weight of the luggage that passengers are checking in, so passengers only pay for their individual luggage requirements.
Seat Selector: Passengers can select their preferred seats on their flights by paying a fee. Pricing differs by route and the location of the seat selected.
Sports Equipment Check-in: Passengers can choose to bring along their golf clubs, dive bag, or any other item of oversized sports equipment. We also charge a convenience fee for almost all reservations on Tiger Airways as well as a fee for changing reservations. As part of our Internet-related services, we also offer accommodation services, travel insurance and car rental through our website.
Current Routes
Please refer to our route map.

Tiger Airways Fleet
We operate a single family type of aircraft, currently the Airbus A320 family, because of its efficiency and cost effectiveness. The Airbus A320 aircraft has a track record of reliability in high frequency operations.

Tiger Airways Fleet Total
Singapore 10
Australia 9
Total 19
Tiger Airways uses Airbus A320-200 powered by International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 & V2524 engines respectively, modern jet engines with proven track record of reliability and efficiency.

Tiger Airways A320 aircraft have:

A single-class configuration of 180 seats
Cockpit crew of 2
Cabin crew of 4
Average cruise speed: 863kph
Cruise altitude: 35,000ft
Maximum take-off weight: 77,000kg
Wing span: 44.1m
Overall length: 37.6m
Cabin width: 4.0m
Maximum fuel capacity 23,860 litres
Tiger Airways A319 (part of the A320 family) aircraft have:

A single-class configuration of 144 seats
Cockpit crew of 2
Cabin crew of 3
Average cruise speed: 833 km/h
Cruise altitude: Max cruise alt 39800 ft
Maximum take-off weight: 70,000 kg
Wing span: 34.1m
Overall length: 33.84m
Cabin width: 3.70m
Maximum fuel capacity: 23860 litres
Investment in Tiger Airways
Tiger Airways Holdings Limited is listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Further information can be found on the SGX website: Investor centre

Shareholders in Tiger Airways
Currently the largest shareholders (> 5% shareholding) in Tiger Airways Holdings Limited are as follows:
Singapore Airlines Limited 34.4%
Indigo Singapore Partners L.P. 15.0%
RyanAsia Limited 11.2%
Dahlia Investments Pte Ltd 7.7%

SGX Announcements and Downloads
Please visit our Newsroom.

Share Price Information
For up-to-date share price information, please visit the Singapore Exchange website.

Investment Queries
For investment queries, please fax your query to +65 6822 2310 and attention your fax to Investor Relations.

For customer service queries, please visit our Contact Us page.

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