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Jetlite baggage allowance travel needs end here

Cabin Baggage

Cabin Baggage Allowance
The Government of India Regulations permits only one piece of cabin baggage on board; the dimensions of which should not exceed 115 linear cms.

JetLite permits the following Cabin Baggage Allowance for Economy Class – Domestic Travel

1 piece at 7 kgs per guest not exceeding 115 (H + W + L) linear cms (45 inches)
For travel on our Boeing aircraft (B737) – not more than 55 cms in length, 35 cms in breadth, 25 cms in height
For travel on our CRJ aircraft – not more than 10 cms in length, 20 cms in breadth, 34 cms in height
Baggage Dimensions for Boeing and CRJ aircraft:

Strolley bags with the above specified dimensions will be allowed.

Guests are permitted to carry one laptop over and above one piece of hand luggage as cabin baggage. Guests traveling on flights originating from Srinagar and Jammu will not be allowed to carry any hand baggage.

Contours are available at all airports to check the dimensions. If it exceeds these specifications, you will be requested to check your bag into the baggage hold. Hand baggage is accepted in the cabin subject to availability of space in the Over Head Bin. Restricted stowage space is also available under the front seat. In the event of no space being available in the aircraft to stow hand baggage, it will be necessary to remove and load the same in the baggage hold as per safety regulations.

Checked Baggage

Baggage Allowances
JetLite allows the following baggage allowance on all domestic routes as well as international routes (Kathmandu and Colombo):

Class Adult Child Infant
Economy (Domestic & International Flights) 20 kgs 20 kgs 0 kgs

Category Economy Document Check
General 20 kgs Ticket
Sailor / Seamen 20 kgs + 20 kgs Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)

Please note that for checked-in baggage, no single piece of check-in baggage must weigh more than 32 Kgs. Excess baggage charge is levied on live animals traveling as Check-in-baggage.

JetPrivilege members
JetPrivilege members are not entitled to an additional baggage allowance on JetLite.

Sailor / Seamen
Ship Crew is entitled to 40kgs baggage allowance both on domestic & international as long as the necessary parameters are met.

Note 1 : Two allowances can never be clubbed together unless otherwise specified . If a guest is eligible for two different allowances, the ticketed allowance will be applicable.

Note 2: Please be aware that baggage allowances are carrier regulated and might differ between carriers.
The ticket is issued as a Seamen's discounted ticket based on the normal fare with the Seamen discount code mentioned on the ticket
The Seamen have a valid Identity Proof
The Seamen must be traveling on duty or positioning for duty or returning home from duty

Seamen travelling on any other fares (e.g. APEX fares, etc.) who are not ticketed on the normal fare, are not entitled to the 40 kgs baggage allowance.

Piece Concept – Domestic / International
The piece concept is applicable to:
Guests traveling to / from USA / Canada and territories
Guests traveling with 2 pieces less than 46 kgs, each piece should not weigh more than 23kgs
Infants without a seat are permitted one piece at 23 kgs with overall dimensions not to exceed 45 inches (115 cms) and one collapsible buggy allowed.

Children and Infants with booked seats will have the same allowance as adults.

Please note that guests need to show their international tickets that they are originating in US and / or Canada.

To avail the piece concept, it has to be ticketed on the same itinerary. However, this has to be part of the same journey & should involve stopover of only 24hrs and not beyond. The baggage allowance is not extended if the LONGHAUL is on another airline on a separate ticket.

Guests can be allowed to hold separate tickets provided the long haul is on 9W with the PNR reflecting both the tickets and the stopover is not beyond 24hours.

Excess Baggage
Excess baggage refers to the checked in baggage that exceeds the guest's Free Baggage Allowance. Guests would have to pay for any excess baggage. Excess baggage charges in case of weight concept are based on 1.5% of the Economy class fare for a Domestic sector and 1.5% of the Economy class IATA fare for an International sector.

Excess baggage charges in case of piece concept are as below:
Overweight rate - USD 50 for any piece weighing between 23-32 kg
Extra Piece - A flat rate of USD 150 (per piece) will be charged for each extra piece. The maximum dimension and weight for each extra piece would be the same as mentioned above

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