Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Travel industry increasingly is frustrated over oil spill
Travel-related businesses, tourism organization and travelers in the Gulf of Mexico are growing more outraged over the oil gushing from the ocean floor. Travel and tourism professionals are struggling to manage the expectations of travelers while keeping everyone involved informed of the latest developments. Travel Weekly (6/4)
South Africa aims to welcome soccer fans with improved airport security
South Africa's OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg has seen reported baggage thefts drop from about 40 per day to "almost nothing" because of an aggressive security program ahead of soccer's World Cup. With 300,000 fans due to arrive this week, Airports Company South Africa invested millions of dollars in electronic bag scanners that reduce the need for human contact with luggage. "This new technology has remarkably reduced cases of pilferage," the airport's assistant general manager says. Google/Agence France-Presse (6/6)
Analysis: US Airways-American partnership is logical
US Airways Group and American Airlines are looking increasingly like good partners, particularly as the proposed merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines is pending. The pairing of US Airways and American would not be perfect, but their tie-up would bolster options for premium foreign and domestic business travelers, according to this analysis. Reuters (6/4)
Other News
Interest in cougar cruise appears to wane
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Trends and Technology

Study predicts well-being and spa travel to hit $2 trillion
The global market for well-being and spa travel is poised to exceed $2 trillion, according to "Spas and the Global Wellness Market," a study conducted by SRI International. According to the study, more than 80% of consumers are at least "very interested" in improving their well-being. "Whether you find the term meaningful or not, wellness is a vast, mainstream, and very real industry, with an extraordinary global ancient and modern history. It's interesting that this 2 trillion dollar market has received so little research and that there is not more consensus on key definitions and benchmarks," said Katherine Johnston of SRI. (6/3)
Column: Figure out what truly sets your agency apart
Columnist John Frenaye scrutinizes a travel agency's marketing materials and discovers that although the goal is to set the agency apart from the pack, it actually does just the opposite. Frenaye suggests taking a critical look at marketing collateral to see whether it is really getting the intended message across. Travel Research Online (6/5)

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Consumer Travel News

South Africa offers much more than the World Cup
Hundreds of thousands of sports fans soon will be descending on South Africa to enjoy the World Cup, but the country has much more to offer its visitors. Residents from several of the host cities offer their suggestions for what should not be missed, including beautiful beaches, unparalleled wildlife and electric cities. The New York Times (free registration) (6/2)
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Regulatory and Legislative

Senator revives the idea of running the airline industry like a utility
Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., has raised questions about whether the airline industry in the U.S. should be run by the government like a utility. Kohl brought up the idea at a recent hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights, where airline CEOs were seeking approval of their pending merger. (6/4)
Opinion: U.S. aviation needs long-term FAA reauthorization
After more than three years of temporary extensions, Congress is "very close to enacting a new, comprehensive FAA reauthorization law," writes Rep. Jerry Costello, D-Ill., chairman of the House aviation subcommittee. To improve safety in the air and provide for long-term growth and stability in the airline industry, Costello calls for negotiators to quickly reconcile the House and Senate versions of FAA reauthorization. "Numerous extensions do not allow the necessary long-term planning of investments at our airports and in technology that is critical to meeting the increased demands our aviation system faces in the coming years," he writes. Roll Call (free content) (6/7)
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Best Practices
Teaching, training are key for intern management
Interns often require more training and supervision than a regular employee, and business owners should keep in mind that interns are looking for education and experience when they sign on, writes Joyce M. Rosenberg. She writes that business owners should be patient teachers and give interns time to adjust to the working world. Rosenberg also gives an overview of some of the legal requirements for hiring interns. Google/The Associated Press (6/2)
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