Monday, October 25, 2010

Features of Versus

Features of Versus

1) Yatra means Journey
    Cleartrip means safe trip.

2) Yatra has three websites 1) for India
                                         2) for United Kingdom.
                                         3) for United states.
    Cleatrip has two websites  1) for India.
                                           2) for United arab emitares.

3) Yatra sells holiday packages.
    Cleartrip don’t sell any holiday packages.

4) Yatra has  Low fare alerts feature.
    Cleartrip doesn’t have.

5) Yatra don’t have train fare calendar.
    Cleartrip has train fare calendar, which shows availability of trains upto 90days.

6) Yatra don’t display class availability of train at one click but
     Cleartrip does.

7) Yatra asks its customers to register, while booking the tickets, which is a setback, whereas
     Cleartrip asks only email address to send e-tickets.
8)   Yatra doesn’t have know your refund amount before cancelling feature whereas
          Cleartrip has.

9)     Yatra provides visa information for International tickets whereas
           Cleartrip don’t.

10)  Yatra don’t have Flight status feauture whereas
            Cleartrip has.

11)  Yatra provides toll free contact nos  whereas
            Cleartrip don’t.
12)  Yatra don’t diplay fares in other currencies apart from Indian rupee while
         Cleartrip displays fares in each currency .
13)  Yatra has a very good design of the website whereas
Cleartrip looks a booking engine.

14)  Yatra’s main target regions are India,US and UK while
Cleartrip’s all over the world.
15)  Yatra has Holiday lounges in many cities while
        Cleartrip doesn’t have.

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