Wednesday, October 6, 2010


About Lakshadweep
While it may literally mean one hundred thousand islands, Lakshadweep is the smallest union territory of India. This little cluster of atolls, reefs, and submerged banks is an ocean lover’s delight. Self-sustained, small islands, beautiful coral reefs, and distance from the mainland, offer visitors to these islands to a chance to appreciate the beauty of nature in a serene environment.

The Lakshadweep or Laccadive Islands, are a string of 36 little known island, lying approximately 200 miles off the South West Coast of India. It is believed that the islands were discovered by shipwrecked sailors during the reign of Cheraman Perumal, a legendary King of Kerala, around 345 CE.

The virgin reefs of Bangaram have been ranked by professional divers as being among the best anywhere. Bangaram island offers a whole new set of activities. More unhurried can simply laze on the silver beaches, soak in the sun, listen to the sound of the waves and watch the swaying of the palms.

Bangaram Island Resort
Bangaram Island Resort, a CGH Earth Group Enterprise, presents a breathtaking spectacle of sparkling coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, silvery beaches and lush green coconut palms.

Spread over 128 acres, the Bangaram Island is uninhabited except for occasional visitors from the nearest island of Agatti, where the airport is situated.

Accommodation at the resort is kept limited to secure privacy to every cottage. The activities at Bangaram comprise scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Bangaram provides cottage accommodation in traditionally decorated cottages with thatched roof and basic amenities. Just enough has been done to make your holiday comfortable without disturbing the natural beauty and enchantment of the island.

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