Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rs 500 off on your hotel booking,when you register with travelguru

Here is how it works :
  • Once you register on Travelguru, to ensure you can use the discount immediately, we deliver the discount voucher INSTANTLY to your phone via SMS. To be doubly sure you get this voucher, we also send you an email with the details. So please keep that phone handy while you are registering.
  • This discount code is for one hotel booking with Travelguru. We want you to come and experience our product offering. We know that once you have experienced what Travelguru has to offer, you won’t need another discount to book your hotels and holidays with us.
  • The discount code has to be entered on the payment page while making a hotel booking. Click here to get a better understanding of where to input the discount voucher while making your reservation.
  • Occasionally we run certain discounts on hotels and if, the hotel is already discounted, It’s YOUR LUCKY DAY, as you can book the hotel on discount applicable and save the voucher to be used for your next booking.
  • You can use this voucher to book any hotel in India. We have over 4000 hotels covering 350 plus cities. Remember to go through the User Rating and Reviews. We now have over 50,000 reviews by customers who have stayed through Travelguru. And if there is a Hotel Video, what better way to know where you are staying than by taking a tour before go there?
  • If you don’t receive the discount code in your email, we request you to check the spam folder of your email box, and while you are there,please mark the email as safe. At Travelguru, we have a dedicated team constantly working hard to get the best deals from hotels to our customers and the best way to communicate the same is through our regular news letters.
  • There is one small caveat, you have to spend a minimum of Rs.5000 for this discount to be applicable.
  • An example of how this works is illustrated below
    Hotel Rate= Rs.5000/-
    Taxes applicable= Rs.500/-
    Original Amount payable= Rs.5500/-
    Discount @ 15%= Rs.500/-
    Discounted amount payableRs.5000/-

    Welcome to Travelguru !!! 

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